Legal advice

In a process of buying and selling real estate assets and in any construction project, it is very important to be well advised.

In our team we have an expert in real estate and construction law, who can advise our clients in the following areas:

– Drafting of the necessary documents and contracts that protect the interests of our clients in singular sales.

– Advice on urban matters:

  • Study of the planning regulations applicable to the property object of the sale (planning, uses, possibility of increasing the built volume, etc).
  • Application and processing of planning permissions.
  • Legal defense in legal planning proceedings.

Advice during the construction process:

  • Processing and obtaining a license.
  • Drafting of the contracts between the different participants in the Project: construction contract, subcontractor contract, construction management contract and Project Manager.
  • Legal defense in case of conflicts arising during the construction process or afterwards (non-compliance with deadlines, construction defects, defaults, etc).

Marta Pons Soria (Collegiate number 28,875 ICAB)